Our Park website is not funded by the Park but relies entirely on donations from
realtors advertising their properties for sale in the Park. For the first 8 or 9
years realtor Ray Bernier covered our entire costs of up to $400/year (Thank
you Ray). In return he was given unlimited free listings on the realty pages.
Unfortunately some other realtors declined to advertise their properties and
sometimes we were not listing all the homes that were for sale. For example, at
one period last year (2016) we were not showing any homes for sale when, in
fact, we actually had 4 or 5 for sale...obviously this defeats the purpose of
having a realty page. . In an attempt to correct this problem I suggested that for
$180/year (12 x $15) ANY realtor would obtain unlimited annual listings on the
website along with personal advertising on the website and would be listed as a
Park Realtor. As an option, if a realtor has only one listing and isn't interested in
becoming a Park Realtor, they could advertise a single listing in 3 month
increments for a donation of $60 (3 x $20). Hopefully in future all homes for sale
will be advertised on the website one way or another.
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 Wes Jamison
Wes Jamison